Support Your Library

Free Ways to Help Us

Check something out!

Part of our funding formula is determined by the number of checkouts we get from people in our neighboring areas. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading books, binge watching TV shows, or listening to an audiobook.

Donate your gently-used, in-demand books, movies, toys, games, CDs, or craft supplies!

We welcome your donations of gently used (clean and in good condition) books, audio books, music, and movies. But be aware that donated materials become the property of the Independence Public Library and are not returnable. They will be evaluated in the same way as other library materials when we decide whether to add them to our collection, pass them along to another library who wants the item, or discard them. Discarded books may be offered for sale, which also benefits the library. Upon request, we will provide a receipt for donated items, however the library cannot assign a monetary value to your donation.

Stick up for the library!

Contact your local legislators to thank them for their continued support of your local library. If you need help finding contact information, stop in! We’re happy to help you find the right people.

Brag us up to your friends and neighbors.

Let people know about the great books, new release movies, or fun events you find at Independence Public Library. Better yet – bring them with on your next visit. Signing up for a library card is fast, easy, and free! You just need a photo ID and proof of your address.

Come to our events!

We love putting on programs and parties for our community members. Check out our Facebook page and keep your eyes peeled for posters with information about upcoming library activities. And if you have a fun idea you’d like us to try, stop in and ask! If it’s something we think will go over well with the community, we’ll definitely try it out!

This list was made using suggestions from The Page Turner. Go here to see their full list of suggestions.

Other Ways to Support Your Library

Financial Contributions

Monetary gifts of any size are always appreciated, especially in times like these.  You may leave it up to us to spend your gift where it is most needed, or you may specify how it is to be used. Checks should be made out to Independence Public Library.

Community Service Opportunities

We know many people in our area need Community Service hours for school, clubs, or other projects. If you’d like to volunteer at the library, contact us to make arrangements. We’d love to work with you to find a project at the library that works well with your skills and interests!