Library Services

Requesting Library Items–Books and More!

Libraries are associated in people’s minds with traditional books, printed on paper. We DO have and love traditional books, fiction and non-fiction, for babies, children, teens and adults.  We also offer many other library items for check-out: audio books, DVD’s, music CD’s and magazines.

The Independence Public Library belongs to the Winding Rivers Library System. If we don’t have the item you’re looking for on our shelves, let us know. We have a fantastic inter-library delivery system that connects with almost every other library in the state – if it’s available to borrow at a different library, we can usually track it down for you!

Unexpected Finds at the Library

We also offer a number of non-media items for checkout for registered card holders.  To borrow any of the items from this list, your account needs to current with no overdue or lost items. 

Robotic Dog Kit (Dementia-Friendly)

This Golden Retriever puppy is a great companion animal. He comes in a backpack-style pet carrier with a few books and activities. This kit was designed for Seniors with age-related memory loss.

Robotic Cat Kit (Dementia-Friendly)

Our gray and white cat comes home with you in a backpack that looks just like the dog’s! She’s such a cuddly cat – it’s easy to forget she isn’t real as she purrs in your lap and moves her ears around.  This kit was also put together specifically for people with memory problems, but is available for anyone to use.

Classic Cars Kit (Dementia-Friendly)

Perfect for car lovers of all ages! This kit comes in a plastic tub and contains a picture encyclopedia of different classic cars, 2 model cars for you to touch and hold, the movie Grease, and a large piece puzzle.  This kit was specifically designed to meet the needs of people with age-related memory loss.

Voice Recording Kit

This kit contains an easy-to-use digital voice recorder, a pack of conversation-starting cards, and some local pictures from the not-so-recent past.  Interview someone and record precious memories with older family and friends.  And, if you’d like, you can share the digital recording with the library to add to our Local History collection. 

American Girl – Josefina

Josefina is an American Girl doll. She was born in New Mexico in the 1800s. She travels inside her pink suitcase with her fold-out bed, a set of pajamas, a book, and a journal so you can write about your adventures with her.


Japanese Origami Kit

This kit comes in a little plastic envelope with a book full of traditional Japanese Origami designs (and a DVD to follow along), a stack of origami papers, and a few Japanese treats! Return the envelope, book, and DVD. The paper and snacks are yours to keep!

Stay tuned! More kits are coming soon.

Your Library Card

  • Your library card works at all the libraries in the WRLS system, which encompasses seven Wisconsin counties in our region.
  • Your library card can also be used to access hundreds of online classes, online language learning software, to look at magazines and newspapers online, or to check out audiobooks and ebooks from Overdrive using the Libby app.
  • Library cards are free.  Stop by and fill out the short registration form.  You will need a photo I.D. and proof of current address.
  • Children under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the registration form in order to get a library card.

Getting Online at the Library

  • The Independence Public Library has eight computers for public use.
  • All eight computers are connected to a printer so that users can print from the Internet or print documents created on the computer.  The library charges 20 cents per page for black and white, or 50 cents per page for colored printing.
  • If others are waiting to use a computer, there is a time limit of 30 minutes.
  • When using computers, please use the hand sanitizer provided.
  • Free WiFi access is available inside our building and accessible from outside along the Second Street and Adams Street sidewalks. The password for the WiFi is thanks47.

Making Copies

  • Library staff can make copies for you in black and white or color.
  • The library charges 20 cents per page for B&W and 50 Cents for Color prints.
  • The library does not have a fax machine. You are able to send faxes next door at City Hall for $1.50.