YouTube Kids

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Animal Cams

Animal lovers of all ages can enjoy these adorable opportunities to see animals from all over the world.

Choose an organization to be taken straight to their Animal Cams page. See what the animals are up to right now. Each organization has different animals available to watch and learn about.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Tons of great options from Monterey Bay! See the Aviary/birdwatching exhibit, Sea Otter habitat, Shark and fish habitat, Kelp Forest, Jellyfish cams, and many others!

Zoo Atlanta – PandaCam

The PandaCam allows you to watch the four Giant Pandas who reside at the Atlanta Zoo as they eat, sleep, and enjoy their habitat.

San Diego Zoo

Watch hippos, playpus, baboons, penguins, polar bears, apes, tigers, elephants, giraffes, owls, condors, or koalas on this site! The also have tons of pre-recorded videos of some of their other residents including leopards, anacondas, and camels.

Smithsonian Animal Cams

The Smithsonian has cameras that allow you to look into the ferret, cheetah cub, naked mole-rat, lion, panda, and elephant exhibits. Due to COVID-19, they do not have volunteers moving the cameras, so animals may not be visible at all times.

Warrior Canine Connection – Puppy Cam

This nonprofit offers service dog training for veterans living with post-deployment challenges. Their puppy cam lets you see their youngest service dogs in training! Learn more about Warrior Canine Connection here.

Africam Naledi – Waterhole Cam

This solar-powered camera is set up at a large watering hole in Africa. Common visitors include lions, leopards, rhino, elephants, and buffalo. This link will take you to a YouTube Live feed.

Videos and Virtual Field Trips

Explore museums, historic sites, and more. Each of these videos is educational, fun for learners of all ages, and guaranteed to be a fun time!

National Museum of Natural History

The Smithsonian has almost every exhibit in the Natural History Museum available for you to tour from home! Check out the Bone Hall on the second floor to see all kinds of different skeletons! Explore precious gems, animals from around the world, and mummies! Also check out the narrated tours to hear a guide explain whichever sections are most exciting to you!

Yellowstone Geyser Camera

Did you know you can watch Old Faithful eruptions all day? Yellowstone has nine different live cameras to let you see what’s happening at the park any time of day.

Ellis Island Virtual Field Trip

Scholastic has an awesome website dedicated to explaining immigration to the United States. Their Ellis Island tour shows you the history of the island, has a Q&A with experts and other kids, and helps you and your family understand how their family or their neighbors’ families may have come to the United States.

Online Fun and Games Recommended by Your Librarian

There are so many amazing games online that it’s hard to choose! Click the link at the bottom of the pictures below to open games that have been vetted by the library to make sure they are fun, educational, and appropriate.