Do I need a library card?

The Independence Public Library belongs to the Winding Rivers Library System centered in LaCrosse, however we are not members of the WRLSWEB consortium. This means that you must be registered at our library in order to check out our materials. Once you are registered, your library card from any WRLSWEB library may also be used at our library. We’ll just assign you the same number.


How do I get one?

Library cards are free and only require a brief registration form and a photo I.D. such as a driver’s license.

Minor’s (under 18) must have their registration form signed by a parent or guardian assuming responsibility for any late, damaged or lost materials.


What can I borrow?

Besides traditional books, our library loans out audio books (CD & cassettes), magazines, movies (VHS & DVD) and music CD’s.

All materials in our library may be checked out unless they are categorized as reference or otherwise restricted as rare or costly. Those items may only be used in the library.


How long can I keep them?

Books, including new books and audio books, may be kept for 3 weeks.

All other materials, including holiday books, magazines, movies & music, may be kept for 1 week.

All items may be renewed once, in person, by telephone or e-mail, unless there is a waiting list.


What about fines?

All materials may be borrowed for free, unless they are lost, or returned late or damaged. We do not charge late fees for items as long as they make their way back to us.  

Interlibrary loan items that are not returned on their due date may be billed by the library that owns the item. Replacement costs will be charged for items lost or damaged beyond repair.

Cards with fines of $5 or more become restricted from use until the fines are paid.


What if you don’t have what I want?

If we do not own the item you are looking for, we will try to borrow it for you from another libraryYou will be notified by e-mail or phone call when your item arrives, and you can return it to our library.

If you prefer, we can authorize you to make your own WISCAT requests from your home computer.